Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Mission: Blacklist Filming Schedule and Location Update

"According to Embankment Films website, there's an update on Mission: Blacklist's schedule: Start of Principle Photography - April 2013 Delivery: Summer 2014. @Blacklistmovie contacted Embankment Films and confirmed the schedule - they'll start filming in April. And from the same email sent to @blacklistmovie, an update on the location - they'll NOT film in Iraq"

From @blacklistmovie:
Confirmation of SPP April 2013; Delivery Summer 2014 for Mission: Blacklist came via email from Hugo Grumbar, a partner @ EMBANKMENT FILMS.More Mission: Blacklist update directly from Embankment Films re filming location "It will not be Iraq, they start shooting in April."


  1. I hope they give the shooting location soon and hope its in a stable country.


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