Thursday, 21 March 2013

MyAnna Buring Talks About Rob and Kristen

When Marie Claire met with Twilight and Downton Abbey star, MyAnna Buring we had to ask what she found most attractive about the British star. MyAnna told us: ‘Robert Pattinson was born beautiful, he was just one of the lucky ones.’

Although she was quick to stress just how talented he was and that this can sometimes be overlooked.

‘Robert is a really great actor a lot of people forget that,’ MyAnna said. ‘To play dark and brooding and in lust and in love with someone is not that easy.’

And it’s something Robert Pattinson pulls off with aplomb when playing Edward Cullen – so much so we often got lost in his eye during the Twilight films.

After spending six months on location with Robert during the filming of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, MyAnna was in awe of the actor adding: ‘You get onto a set and realise how odd and awkward [playing someone in love] can be. But people like Rob make it very natural and easy. I think there’s something very attractive about that.’

There certainly is!

After playing such an iconic role, Kristen could well suffer the affects of being typecast but Myanna was keen to stress this wouldn’t be the case leaping to the star’s defence.

Myanna told us: ‘Kristen Stewart is a very versatile and very natural actress if she carries on working, which she will do, in the way that she has picking really eclectic roles I don’t think she’ll ever be typecast.’

And if that wasn’t enough of an argument the Swedish-born star continued to her praise Kristen adding: ‘Twilight will be an amazing backdrop for Kristen, she’s too good an actress to be under the thumb of Bella forever.’
While they may have had very few scenes together during the film franchise, Myanna and Kristen did spend six months on location and gained a strong insight into each other.

‘Kristen was lovely,’ Myanna said. ‘She is really down to earth and even looks amazing on crutches!’

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